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White River Forest Private Access & Meeker

Guided Snowmobile Tours in the Beautiful Back Country of the White River National Forest

Snowmobile Tours High Country Ride

Great adventures for all levels of experience. Rides are designed for each group and their abilities. 3-4 hours in the backcountry, 40-50 miles of riding. $165/rider 2nd rider $65 (same sled).

Full-Day Ride

Experience a day in the beautiful backcountry. Multiple trails and destinations. Lunch Included $325/Rider, 2nd rider $90 (same sled).

Guide Service

Bring your own sled and we’ll show you the country!
Great for groups and clubs. Parties of 4 or more: 1/2 Day $250, Full Day $450

Snowmobile Vacation Packages

This inclusive snowmobile vacation includes:
2 nights stay at the historic Meeker Hotel.
Great dining, sleds, equipment, transportation.
Full Day on the Mountain.

For reservations, please call or text 970-314-5923

Welder Ranch and outfitter Services Snowmobile tours

Participants (drivers) must be 16 years old or older with a valid drivers license and must be able to control snowmobile and follow instructions.
Guests should dress appropriately and be prepared for cold weather and lots of snow. See our What to Bring page for more details.
Destinations are chosen appropriate for weather, snow and trail conditions, rider experience and preferences.


Cabin Rental
Rent the cabin for full day guided rides with groups of 4 or more.
Those who rent the cabin who have their own sleds can have free snowmobiling and backcountry access. Please inquire about current cabin rates!

Our Snowmobile Tour and Guide Services

 Join us for spectacular White River National Forest snowmobiling experiences.

I/2 and Full Day Rides


Vacation Packages


Back Country Specialist

White River Outdoor Adventures Things to Do in Meeker

Snowmobile Adventures

High Country Ride

Full Day Ride

Guided snowmobile Tours

Snowmobile Vacation Packages

Specialist Since 1988

Spectacular winter fun!

Pricing List

 Join us for spectacular White River National Forest snowmobiling experiences

High Country Ride


2nd rider $65 (same sled).

High Country Ride

See the beautiful North Fork of the White River or ride up the Valley of the Marvine.
Groomed trails.
2-3 hrs out.
$165/rider extra rider $65

Full-Day Ride


$90 added rider

Snowmobile Vacation Packages

Ride the North Fork to Ripple Creek Pass, the Marvine, or Fawn Creek. Elevations up to 10,000 ft.
Experience: Moderate.
6hrs out on the mountain
$325/rider $90 added rider

Guide Services

$400 per Day

Guide Service

We are happy to host experienced sledders on a great day in the backcountry. Participants provide their machine and should be prepared for all possible conditions.


Book Your Cabin

Hipcamp Site and Cabin Reservations. 


Thanks for a great few days at your cabin, Shawn. Wonderful view, great fireplace, peace and quiet. Just what we needed to get away this Christmas!

Cassie L.

HIPCAMP – Welder’s White River cabin, Colorado

Join Welder Outfitting Services Welder Ranch CO for Guided Snowmobile Tours, and Snowmobile Vacation Packages in Northwest Colorado!

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Snowmobile Tours and High Country Rides

January 1st, 2022 –
April, 15th 2022